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The inheritance tax trap

Leaving assets to children through a Will, can often trigger a liability to Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT). In recent years, the CAT thresholds between parents and children have decreased dramatically and the tax rate has increased to 33%. Continue reading

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Money on deposit is just not making cents

The move by the European Central Bank to reduce its key lending rate to just 0.05pc this month means that Irish banks will keep reducing saving rates. Continue reading

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Pensions & Tax Efficiency-Personal Pensions

SUMMARY Did you know that for every €1,000 you put into your retirement fund it actually only costs you €590 if you are paying income tax at the top rate. This guide on the benefits of using a Personal Pension … Continue reading

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5 tips to save on your tax bill

An article to help you save money with some smart and pragmatic tips. Continue reading

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Financial Factsheet 2012

A financial factsheet summarising all the key areas for 2012 Continue reading

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Pension Basics…..All You need to know

The key things to ask about your Pension. Continue reading

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Don’t forget to claim your Pension Personal Fund Threshold

A recent report in the Sunday Business Post states that there are thousands of high-earners who may be losing out because they have failed to take up exemption certificates from a recently lowered tax threshold on pensions.

Continue reading

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