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A Different Era

The fitness levels on display in the last Sunday’s All Ireland final once again had us in awe. Similarly, when I watch Rugby and many other sports I marvel at the speed, strength and athleticism of today’s players. Matches have … Continue reading

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Money on deposit is just not making cents

The move by the European Central Bank to reduce its key lending rate to just 0.05pc this month means that Irish banks will keep reducing saving rates. Continue reading

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5 tips to save on your tax bill

An article to help you save money with some smart and pragmatic tips. Continue reading

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Protecting your Deposits & Investments

If you currently have deposits in Irish Banks and Credit Unions then you need to be aware of the risks involved and alternative options available. The main risks that you need to be aware of and protect against are:- The … Continue reading

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Zurich Keeps An Eagle Eye On Your Investment

A recent article on one of the leading savings plans and the ways it can be used. Continue reading

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Savings Review

Best advice for savings plans Continue reading

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