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Irish property almost as risky as Chinese – Standard Life

There were some mixed messages on the outlook for Irish commercial property this week. Standard Life Investments has suggested that investors may be under-estimating the risks of investing in Irish property. Continue reading

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Bigger isn’t always better

Companies paying high dividends can look attractive however you need look closer before you buy. This article explains why. Income seekers may be lured in by companies which pay high dividends but there may be a more sinister reason behind … Continue reading

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Financial Factsheet 2012

A financial factsheet summarising all the key areas for 2012 Continue reading

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Are you confident about your State Pension?

A recent survey confirms peoples concerns on the future viability of the State Pension. Continue reading

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Pension & Investment Funds – Are you in the right ones?

Safeguard your future and review your current Pension & Investment plans now. Continue reading

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Zurich Keeps An Eagle Eye On Your Investment

A recent article on one of the leading savings plans and the ways it can be used. Continue reading

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100% Capital Security and Absolute Returns

The Diversified Alpha Split Deposit Bond II is an innovative Investment Strategy designed for private investors who wish to invest in a low risk, Absolute Investment Return strategy that potentially offers investment returns above deposit interest rates. Continue reading

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Safeguard Your Assets-Part 2 (100% Capital Security)

Deposit and Lump Sums. We have been researching the investment marketplace to find low risk and capital secure investment solutions for clients that want to preserve their wealth but have the potential grow their wealth in the lowest risk way possible. Continue reading

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