How will investment markets react to Trump or Clinton as President?

The gap between the two candidates has all but closed as we fast approach the 8th November finish

Markets will either rise, fall or stay the same immediately after the election. This short term ‘movement’ has always been unknowable and is simply an investment truth.

A well-designed diversified investment portfolio is built with this simple wisdom at its core. It is well spread from an asset, industrial sector and geographical perspective to weather all market storms.

We recommend that you avoid making long-term investment decisions when listening to the dramatic noise from the media. It is in many “experts” interests to create this noise and do all they can to remove the clarity in your investment strategy.

If markets do fall after election result history shows us that in the overall strategy of long term investing market falls are inconvenient truths rather than lasting disasters.long-term-trend-of-ftse-all-share-1920-2013

You will remember the panic predictions in the wake of the Brexit vote. We did not change the portfolio of any of our clients on seeing the Brexit result last June.

Our reaction will be the same when we finally know whether it is Hilary or Donald entering the Oval Office. Having a suitably diversified and risk managed portfolio is far more important than the next “noisy” news event which will undoubtedly make great TV viewing.  / 021-4271687

About David Murphy QFA

Qualified Financial Adviser specialising in Investments, Savings & Wealth Management, Retirement Advice & Inheritance Tax Planning, Personal & Asset Protection.
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