Fears for sustainability of Irish Old Age Pension


A report published recently indicates that future Irish workers cannot be sure of receiving a State Pension in retirement.

The article and report published in the Irish Times claims that there is a significant danger that the Irish State pension is unsustainable. We all know that the State system is struggling to provide for its Citizens and the delay in providing a pension entitlement to the age 68 was the first in a number of measures designed to kick the problem down the road.

Please find the full article here



The next time you are reviewing your retirement plans try and see how much of a gap you have when you exclude the Old Age Pension and ask yourself the following questions:-

  1. How am I going to ensure that I have enough money in retirement to provide myself with a decent standard of living?
  2. What can I do now to ensure that I have a comfortable retirement?
  3. How can I protect myself and my dependents if the old age pension isn’t available?

About Fergus O Halloran

Complete Financial Advice Ltd was selected as 2014 Best Munster Broker for Life Pensions & Investments by the Irish Brokers Association. Also shortlisted for Best National Broker. Fergus is an Owner and Director since 2003 and he has with over 26 years experience in financial advice & planning.
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