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Bigger isn’t always better

Companies paying high dividends can look attractive however you need look closer before you buy. This article explains why. Income seekers may be lured in by companies which pay high dividends but there may be a more sinister reason behind … Continue reading

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Fixed Deposit Rates in Decline – Questions to Consider

Deposit rates have fallen sharply and are expected to remain low for the foreseeable future. In this environment, your deposits or savings plans may be eroded by inflation. The key questions to consider now are: • Are your deposits and savings on … Continue reading

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Soprano’s star will: Is a lesson in Tax Inefficiency

On the silver screen, he was depicted as an Italian-American mafia leader. However, in reality, James Gandolfini was a kind man. In fact, it seems he endeared himself to the tax man as his will might be perceived as an example of … Continue reading

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