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National Solidarity Bond – Is It A Good Or Bad Product?

The National Solidarity Bond is a product offered by the Irish Government through the National Treasury Management Agency and available through An Post. Investing in this bond enables the residents of Ireland to help fund the Government’s capital investment programme, develop important infrastructure, stimulate economic recovery and create employment but are you, the investor, really getting a fair return for locking away your money for 10 years?

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Are You Thinking Of Taking Early Retirement But Confused About How It Would Effect Your Pension?

Q. I am thinking of taking early retirement from the company for which I have been working for the last 25 years. I have requested information from the pension advisers, however, I am having difficulty understanding what I have received. Could you please clarify the position on maximum pension allowed when somebody takes early retirement?
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Are You A Doctor Looking For Good Independent Advice?

As a doctor, if a client came to you with a series of complaints, what would your course of action be? Continue reading

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Bill Anderson at his QFA awards ceremony in Dublin

Photograph of Bill Anderson at his QFA awards ceremony in Dublin Continue reading

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Zurich Keeps An Eagle Eye On Your Investment

A recent article on one of the leading savings plans and the ways it can be used. Continue reading

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Q&A: Tax Relief on Pensions – Are You Aware Of Your Entitlements?

Tax and PRSI relief on pension contributions-How do I claim? Continue reading

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BCP Launches New 100% Capital Secure Absolute Return Bond

The BCP All Markets Growth Bond is a unique investment opportunity offering investors access to the performance of a leading Absolute Return Fund which has a proven track record in producing positive investment returns in all market conditions, with the additional benefit of 100% capital security. Continue reading

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