Happy holidays from Complete Financial

christmas-treeOn behalf of everyone at Complete Financial, we would like to wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.




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A Different Era


The fitness levels on display in the last Sunday’s All Ireland final once again had us in awe. Similarly, when I watch Rugby and many other sports I marvel at the speed, strength and athleticism of today’s players.

Matches have huge intensity levels and yet the accuracy executed is incredible. Often the phrase “A Different Era” is used when comparing todays stars to those of previous decades.

From an investment perspective we are definitely in a different era.

Banks have slashed deposit rates in an attempt to return to profitability. Indeed, some banks now charge customers for placing money on deposit.

So we know we need to move away from bank deposits paying near-zero rates however the expectations for returns has been lowered across all asset classes for the next 10 years.

In May 2008 an investor in a German government bond was guaranteed to receive 4.45% per annum over the following 10 years. The same investment yesterday will pay an investor just 0.02% per annum until 2026.

The multi-decade lows for investors mirrors the intensity of a hard fought game from your favourite sport where the margins between victory and defeat are now wafer thin. Check the strength, conditioning and accuracy of your investment or pension portfolio.

The best results in investing also goes to the smartest, leanest and fittest.



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How will investment markets react to Trump or Clinton as President?

The gap between the two candidates has all but closed as we fast approach the 8th November finish line.us-presidents

Markets will either rise, fall or stay the same immediately after the election. This short term ‘movement’ has always been unknowable and is simply an investment truth.

A well-designed diversified investment portfolio is built with this simple wisdom at its core. It is well spread from an asset, industrial sector and geographical perspective to weather all market storms.

We recommend that you avoid making long-term investment decisions when listening to the dramatic noise from the media. It is in many “experts” interests to create this noise and do all they can to remove the clarity in your investment strategy.

If markets do fall after election result history shows us that in the overall strategy of long term investing market falls are inconvenient truths rather than lasting disasters.long-term-trend-of-ftse-all-share-1920-2013

You will remember the panic predictions in the wake of the Brexit vote. We did not change the portfolio of any of our clients on seeing the Brexit result last June.

Our reaction will be the same when we finally know whether it is Hilary or Donald entering the Oval Office. Having a suitably diversified and risk managed portfolio is far more important than the next “noisy” news event which will undoubtedly make great TV viewing.

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Irish property almost as risky as Chinese – Standard Life

A recent article from the Irish Times which highlights the inherent dangers with Irish Property Investment.

There were some mixed messages on the outlook for Irish commercial property this week. On the one hand estate agent HWBC reported that an acute shortage in supply of office space in Dublin will continue to drive rents up to the end of 2017. On the other, Standard Life Investments has suggested that investors may be under-estimating the risks of investing in Irish property.

The property team at the Scottish based investment group prepared a global risk tool, which looks at the total return investors could generate from the best-quality offices in 60 countries.



It then assesses how much of the return could be at risk, based on seven risk factors such as liquidity, level of competition and the state of the wider economy. Continue reading

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The inheritance tax trap

These are some of the highlights from an article on 8 June 2015 on inheritance tax, headlining in the Irish Independent, Monday 8th June 2015.


blog 10-06-2015


“Experts say the system is one of the toughest inheritance tax regimes in the world. The reduction in the tax-free thresholds has resulted in even modest properties being hit with big tax bills when transferred from parents to offspring”.

Leaving assets to children through a Will, can often trigger a liability to Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT). In recent years, the CAT thresholds between parents and children have decreased dramatically and the tax rate has increased to 33%. This means more and more people have been dragged into the inheritance tax net, probably being unaware of it.

Continue reading

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Avoiding the Behaviour Gap

In 2002 psychologist Daniel Kahneman was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics for his study of financial decision making.

One specific area of interest is the gap between the returns that are earned in the markets when an investor builds a diversified portfolio which is rebalanced in a timely manner compared to the returns earned by an investor who moves money around in an emotional response to what is happening in the markets. Continue reading

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The Life & Pension Awards 2015

We are delighted to announce that Complete Financial Advice Limited has been nominated and shortlisted again for the LPI 2015 awards which recognises excellence in the Financial Advice sector.


We were very fortunate to win last year in the Best Broker in Munster category and we are delighted to be nominated again this year.

Cork financial advice firm Complete Financial scooped the prestigious Best Munster Broker Award at the inaugural Irish Broker Association Life Pensions and Investments Awards in 2014.

Best Advisers in Ireland

Best Advisers in Ireland

They also were awarded Irish Financial Advisory Firm of the Year 2014 at the Acquisition International awards in London last July.

For the full article click the link:   COMPLETE FINANCIAL AWARD WINNERS 2014 Continue reading

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What do I do with my Previous Pension entitlements?


A report published in last weeks Business Post, outlines the Pensions Ombudsman warning that thousands of Irish people could be missing out on “lost pensions”.

The Pensions Ombudsman, Paul Kenny, said that his office has seen an increase in queries from “people who believe they have a pension entitlement, but just can’t find it”.

The difficulties in locating pension entitlements arose when employees changed jobs frequently, or their former employers relocated, were bought out by other companies, changed their names or went out of business.  Continue reading

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Early approval can beat new Mortgage rules


A report published recently advises those that are considering the purchase of a new house of the advantages in seeking approval now otherwise double the current minimum deposit level may be required from January 2015. Continue reading

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Fears for sustainability of Irish Old Age Pension


A report published recently indicates that future Irish workers cannot be sure of receiving a State Pension in retirement.

The article and report published in the Irish Times claims that there is a significant danger that the Irish State pension is unsustainable. We all know that the State system is struggling to provide for its Citizens and the delay in providing a pension entitlement to the age 68 was the first in a number of measures designed to kick the problem down the road. Continue reading

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